POW Permeātor™ was proudly developed and is being made in Michigan, USA. In 2008 it was brought to the attention of Ken Jipping by a long time associate that there was a dire need for a product that would truly be helpful in removing wallpaper, wallpaper paste or border paper from walls without damaging the walls or adjoining woodwork. None of the current available products were effective in rapidly penetrating the wallpaper and then softening the wallpaper paste so that the wallpaper and the wallpaper paste could be quickly removed. POW Permeātor™ was therefore developed emphasizing the following areas:

  • POW Permeator™ Extremely Effective - Works in 60 Seconds – saves time and money
  • POW Permeator™ Safe, Green Product - Environmentally friendly and family friendly
  • POW Permeator™ Easy to use with no harsh chemicals requiring extra protective equipment
  • POW Permeator™ can be applied with a pump sprayer to cover a larger area quickly

Many research chemists and chemical companies were consulted for specific ideas and many formulations were tested until we reached our objectives. This product was initially marketed under the Permeator ® trademark. The name was chosen from the root word, permeate which is defined as "to pass into or through every part of."

We have had hundreds of retailers, contractors and homeowners tell us that POW Permeator™ works far better than anything they have tried to remove wallpaper, border paper and wallpaper paste.

Safe, Green Products

  • Household products that are environmentally friendly and family friendly.

Extremely Effective Formula

  • POW Permeātor™ products save you time and money by balancing cost-effectiveness with powerful formulas

Easy to Use

  • Patented formula is completely safe
  • Does not require extra protective equipment
  • Can be applied with a pump sprayer to cover a greater area quickly


  • More bang for your buck
  • A little concentrate goes a long way
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